Young Man Forced To Cum By A Couple Of Face Sitting Mistresses

Young Man Forced To Cum

Nineteen Year Old's Intense Introduction to Femdom! - Enter Here

In this scene a young man is forced to spunk by two fierce facesitting bitches. Little Micah Andrews is eager to please, but his attempts at devotion to Goddesses Isis Love and Mistress Gia DiMarco only ends up in their harsh physical punishment!

Meet Micah Andrews. At nineteen years of age, he is just what you would expect from a young man who is not old enough to drink, being innocent and uneducated to the ways of the world. His only redeeming quality is that he is very eager to please and knows his place as a playtoy for Goddesses Isis Love and Mistress Gia DiMarco. They string up Micah, abusing him then pegging his stretched, young ass while making him worship their asses. However when they sit on his face it pushes him over the edge, forcing him to cum before these untouchable ladies give their consent! The consequence for his insubordination is putting his cock and balls in chastity, and making him sip their wonderful girl juice, which he does like the good little bitch boy he is.

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Sissy Forced to Spunk in His Panties

Sissy Forced to Spunk in His Panties

Erotic Humiliation Sissy Movie - Watch Here

In this movie Maitresse Madeline transforms a rough and tumble dude from New Jersey into a proper little sissy slut maid. The guy is put through erotic humiliation and made to carry out filthy sex acts before being forced to cum in his panties!

If the rest of the movies on this site haven't already pushed your buttons, then this one will take you over the edge. This particular shoot is a complete departure from anything you will have ever seen. Visualize with me for a moment. What if I challenged your own manhood in such a way that your ego was slowly and gradually removed and all that was left was a recollection of what used to be and in its place was a perfect little sissy slut ready to serve anybody and everyone on a whim? In this video Maitresse Madeline skilfully and erotically does this to Will, a rough and tough guy from New Jersey. He walks in as Will and departs as Ginger. In-between, what takes place is a humiliating yet arousing transformation into the world of forced feminization and sissification. This scene is filled with OTK spanking in panties, smooth sensuous stockings, erotic humiliation, dirty cum filled panties and heavy strapon ass pounding. This is one guy’s voyage towards true submission, he's willing to please his domina in ANYTHING she desires.

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Forced to Cum from Strap on Anal

Forced to Cum from Strap on Anal

Anal Strap On Forced Cum Movie - Watch Here

Slaveboy is CBT'ed, single tailed, forced to cum from strap-on anal fucking and then teased and denied by Mistress January Seraph

Mistress January Seraph is back and on this occasion She's paired with slaveboy Jessie Sparkles. The atmosphere in the place that day was thick and the interconnection between these two was palpable. Forcing Jessie to his limits January pushes all of his buttons by using her expert skills. CBT, single tail, breath play, sensory deprivation, strapon anal, prostate milking, forced orgasm and tease and denial are all included!

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Forced Femdom Party with Forty Women!

Forced Femdom Party with Forty Women!

Intense Public Female Domination Event - Watch Here

Today's forced female domination movie showcases the most extreme public female domination party ever captured on film! With 40 dominant females forcing their male slaves in to utter submission this is one femdom extravaganza you DON'T want to miss!

For those of you who missed Maitresse Madeline's and Goddess Aiden Starr's LIVE and PUBLIC birthday celebration you will wait no more! This is the third LIVE and PUBLIC female domination event Madeline has hosted and it was certainly the best! This version is edited straight to the best video footage of that outrageous and crazy evening! Forty ladies join Maitresse Madeline, Goddess Aiden Starr, Mistress Lorelei Lee and Mistress Gia Dimarco along with three muscular slaves for an evening of total femdom debauchery. Each of the ladies participate with whipping, spanking, forced humiliation, CBT, foot worship, ass worship and a strap-on anal gang-bang!

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Young Man Milked and Forced to Cum by Femdom Mistresses

Young Man Milked and Forced to Cum

Man Milked by VERY HOT Femdom Mistresses - Click Here

During this video an eighteen year old man is chewed up and spit out by a pair of red hot nympho Mistresses and forced to cum without them even touching his dick!

Just what do most eighteen year old males wish and dream for? Getting screwed by two red hot femdom chicks at the same time!! Cody might only be 18 years old but he dreams of being dominated and abused by strong, attractive women. He's made to remove all his clothes for a bit of CFNM humiliation. As soon as he does, they realise that he already has his cock and balls tied up. Can you believe that? What a fucking little slut! They tie him up, whip him, administer CBT and tease him with their hot latex clad bodies. Cody is then double team strap on butt fucked. He has his prostate milked until he is forced to cum without them even touching his cock!

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Forced Cum Shot - Guy Milked By Three Women

Guy Milked By Three Women

Forced Cum Shot Video - Watch Here

This video of a guy being milked by three women features an amazing forced cum shot. The guy is attending a clinic for sex addiction. Part of his treatment is to be milked every hour on the hour until he is so sore and drained of cum that he cannot even stand the thought of sex. These three therapists have the task of giving the guy his forced milking treatment. By the time they have finished with him he will wish he had never set foot in the place.

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